Neon Static Commission
US Army Insider Missions 2 Book Cover
Bridgewater Podcast
The Seeders Book Cover
Netrunner Cards (NSG)
Netrunner Cards (FFG)
Arkham Horror Cards
Lotus Book Cover
Booksmith Bookmark Series
Before the Diagnosis Book Cover & Story
Stormrise Book Cover
Booksmith Shirts & Stickers
Tree Planting Initiative
The Nine Book Cover
The Fall Book Cover
Supreme Eagle Signage
The Owl's Gift Bookmark
The Raven Cycle Book Covers
My Life This Time Around! Book
Movie Posters
Vivarium Voyager
The Guns of Ivrea Book Cover
The Witch of Torinia Book Cover
The Rainbow Beast Series
Parley in Smoke Painting
Podcast Cover Art
The Black Company Book Series {Spain}
Essential Sci Fi & Fantasy Cover
Miriam Black Book Covers
Everlasting Nora Book Cover
Boxaroo Escape Rooms
Running Through Waves Album Covers
The Investigators of Arkham Horror Book Cover
PJ Party 4 Pets
Recovering the Classics
F(r)iction Magazine Cover
Isle of Blood & Stone Book Cover {unpublished}
Monte Vista Merlot Wine Label
What Makes America Great Poster
This is What Evolution Looks Like
Tales of the Kingdom Book Covers
Terra Nova 3 Book Cover
Ghost Stories
The Scorpio Races Book Cover
Athena of the Void Illustration
A Wizard of Earthea {Concept}
Fat & Bones and Other Stories Book
Twilight Editorial
Official Tomb Raider Fine Art Print
52 Shades of Greed
Clarke & Asimov Covers
Mexi Kai Branding
The Liminal People Book Cover
Parting Editorial
Selected Logo Design
Memory Editorial
Ultimate Frisbee Jersey & Disc Design
Sparks Nevada Character Designs
Theater Posters
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