A peek at details from two escape rooms where I art directed in collaboration with Boxaroo, located in downtown Boston. I offered ideas, designed structures, fabricated surfaces, provided artwork, and painted murals.

Welcome room concept mockup

Welcome room concept mockup

Welcome room concept mockup

Secret artist's room. I decorated it with my drawings and paintings.

Artist's studio complete with fake brand paints (get the reference?)

Concept decor mock ups for the Magician's Study

Library red walls and wallpaper

Publicity photo

Just finished with the painting of the Wall Shield Emblem

Energy Cubes

Faux exposed brick

Wall mural sketch


Wall mural with hidden image revealed under black light.

Constellation Room
I'm particularly proud of this concept, as the zodiac constellations along the all-black walls and floor cause the space to appear large and immersive.  

Publicity photo

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