Can you illustrate my story?
I appreciate the interest from writers asking me illustrate the stories they've worked so hard to produce. As this is my vocation, it's typically not feasible for me to commit to covers or interior illustrations for individuals. However, if you’re planning on submitting your manuscript to publishers, rest assured they handle hiring illustrators. This role is performed by the art director, who works with the illustrator to make your book the best it can be. You're certainly welcome to encourage them to bring me on board!

Can I buy prints of your artwork?
Absolutely. Select prints are available at INPRT, iCanvas, Saatchi, and The Creative Action Network.

Can I buy original paintings?
Yes, here is my storefront. I also exhibit with galleries that showcase my paintings. You can stay current on social media to see what's for sale. If you have a question about a specific piece, I can let you know its status.

How do you make your artwork?
I paint with oils. When illustrating I scan the paintings and add digital enhancements. 
Can I use your paintings for tattoos?
I'm flattered when people ask to make my artwork a permanent part of their lives. I don't ask for any money when requests arrive to get my paintings inked. My one term is that you take the time to find a tattoo artist that can handle the detail. Rendering strokes of paints with a needle isn't easy! If you would like to commission an original piece feel free to email me. You can watch a video conversation on tattoos.

Can I help support your work?
That's very nice of you to offer. Hop on over to Patreon to learn more.

Do you agree that octopuses are remarkable animals?
l certainly do.
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