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"[Doyle's] seemingly incomplete brushstrokes form the feathers and other details of the animal. In some strange way it reminds me of the story of the Renaissance painter Giotto who is rumored to have been able to draw a perfect circle without the aid of a compass, as if Doyle just picks up a dripping paint brush and in a few seconds paints a perfect bird. In reality his work demonstrates a profound control of the paintbrush and careful understanding of the mediums he works with."

-Christopher Jobson, editor of Colossal
Written by Larissa Theule, published by Carolrhoda Books
When a farmer dies, the decades-old feud between his son, Bones and Fat, a tea-loving fairy who lives in a tree, escalates with surprising consequences for Bones' mother and the animals. A dark tale of revenge, mischief, and rivalry in the countryside. 
"Doyle's lush b&w illustrations help establish an unsettling atmosphere that feels like Charlotte's Web by way of Neil Gaiman." --starred, Publishers Weekly
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