As an artist I've always been driven to explore the substance of our reality and who we are. The themes of my investigations are evident in my work. For those who share an interest in learning that transcends the familiar framework, I've compiled a selection of insightful resources. Going in this direction is an option aptly depicted in The Matrix as taking the Red Pill. 
I maintain rigorous scrutiny of information that requires evidence, repetition, and testimonials with substantial corroboration. Topics include new paradigms in health, consciousness, animal communication, our hidden history, non-human intelligences, and secret space programs. The lists below, updated periodically, is offered as an invitation to journey past assumptions and beliefs and venture into life-changing territory. By cultivating this knowledge with an open heart we can finally begin to understand our true nature and unite in peaceful coexistence. 
The choice to proceed is up to you. ​​​​​​

Technological Literacy
Brave New World: book
I Robot: book
Technopoly: book
You Are Not a Gadget: book
Design of Phone Addiction: video
The Problem with "Art" Generated by AI: video

Meditation: article
Earthing: video & book
Plant Medicine: book
Physics of Crystals: video
Spiritual Language of the Body: book
Physics of Water: videovideo

Map of Consciousness w/ Dr. David Hawkins: book
Science of ESP w/ Dean Radin PhD: book
Manifestation w/ Joseph Gallenberger: book & video
Reincarnation w/ Jim Tucker: book & video
Physics of Consciousness w/ Dan Winter: video
Past Lives w/ Brian L. Weiss: book
Past Lives w/ Dolores Cannon: book & video
Past Lives w/ Sarah Breskman Cosme: book & video
Navigating Reality w/ Billy Rood: videos
Evolution of Consciousness w/ Gigi Young: video

Remote Viewing
David Morehouse: book
Ingo Swann: videobook
Gigi Young: video
John Vivanco: video & book
Courtney Brown: book & website

Animal Communication
Penelope Smith : video & book
Miranda Alcott: video
Anna Breytenbach: video
Jacquelin Smith : book
Susie Shiner : video
Peter Tompkins (Plants): book & video

Patterson Gimlin Film: video
Astonishing Legends: podcast
Sasquatch Chronicles : podcast
Kewuanee Lapseritis: book & video
Sunbow Truebrother: book

Humanity & Beyond
Revising Archeology w/ Graham Hancock: book & series
Atlantis w/ Gigi Young: video
Revisiting the Bible w/ Paul Wallis: book & video
UFOs w/ James Fox: film
Government Documentation of UFOs: website
Abductions w/ Professor John Mack: book
The Day After Roswell w/ Colonel Philip J Corso: book
UFOs w/ Jacques Valée & Paola Harris: book
Humanity & ETs w/ Elena Danaan: book & video
Corroboration of Danaan's Testimonies: website

Secret Space Program
SSP Origin: video
Ex Soldier Jeremy Rice: video
Dr Michael Salla: audio
Ex Soldiers Johan Fritz & Jodi Reynosa: video
Author Len Kasten: book & book
Ex Worker Tony Rodrigues: video & book
Ex Diplomat Chris O'Conner: video

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