These limited edition bookmarks were available at local independent seller, events organizer, and gathering place, Brookline Booksmith

Reading Together
Summer 2021

Having gotten through the pandemic following a year of isolation, this image celebrates coming together again, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the intimacy of books along with physical contact. Diverse species and bodies coexisting in shared peacefulness.

Back side

Winter Deer
Winter 2021

The transition into the cold season called for capturing the beauty of snow as well as a solemn appreciation for the country's shift in political management.  

Beyond the Nonsense
Fall 2020

Created during the turbulent times of the Trump administration
(originally produced right before the pandemic,
released in the fall during election season) this image
spoke to the communal desire to escape the madness.

Summer Love
Summer 2020

Created for the cautious reopening of Booksmith this image wanted to convey full support and inclusivity following the global protests for equality.

Immersed in Story
Fall 2019

The premiere bookmark showcased the simple joy of
 journeying through the myriad worlds of a good book.

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