I took part in an amazing collaboration to support The Occupy Wall Street's fight for accountability by visualizing every corporate machination into a deck of cards. The collection is called 52 Shades of Greed. Below is my contribution to the deck. 

Alternative Banking Group
Art directing team Marc Scheff & Daniel Nyari
Seven of Spades
2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act
Good for bankers, bad for people. Prevents judges from discharging private student loans and other debts.
Six of Hearts
Too Big to Fail
"Too big to fail" is a colloquial term in describing certain financial institutions which are so large and so interconnected that their failure will be disastrous to the economy, and which therefore must be supported by government when they face difficulty. 

The importance of some institutions means they become recipients of beneficial financial and economic policies from governments or central banks.Moral hazard arises, whereby a company that benefits from these protective policies will seek to profit by it, and take positions that are high-risk high-return, as they are able to leverage these risks based on the policy preference they receive.
Four of Clubs
CDO, synthetic CDO, CDO+
Increasingly elaborate financial engineering to earn fees and profits and shift risk and losses to the “dumb money”.
Five of Hearts
Predatory Lending
Steering the poor and others into the most costly loans they cannot afford, ultimately bankrupting many.
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