New Brookline Booksmith t shirts. Available in store only.
I had a lot of fun with this, given free reign by the owners to come up with an image. I sketched out a lot of ideas, ultimately landing on a subject that would be relatable, visually elegant, and provoke the joyful experience of reading. As screen printing has requirements that don't jive with my painting, I adapted lines and shape for strokes of paint. Swing by the shop if you're in the Boston area.
This is not a maze.

Mazes are created with the purpose to defeat the explorer. A maze is made to entrap. At the doors of Booksmith you are invited in to browse deliberately. Wander around, peruse the shelves, ask questions, bump into old friends, ponder passages, and delight in happenstance. The labyrinth is an invitation to be led along the circuitous path, supported in your journey towards personal discovery.
Currently available as a sticker.
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