The Guns of Ivrea
Written by Clifford Beal
Acquisitions editor Jonathan Oliver
Published by Solaris Books
Pirate princeling Nicolo Danamis, mercenary to the King and captain of the largest fleet in Valdur, has made one deal too many, and enemies are now closing in to destroy him.
Citala, fair-haired and grey-skinned, the daughter of the chieftain of the merfolk, finds herself implacably drawn to the affairs of men. She puts events in motion that will end her people’s years of isolation but that could imperil their very existence.
The Guns of Ivrea by Clifford Beal, published by Solaris Books
A swashbuckling new sea-faring fantasy series begins! A gritty, thrilling epic that reads like a cross between Patrick O'Brian and George R.R. Martin, bringing together the tang of the sea and the taste of cold steel.
Jacket artwork
Jacket back
The original concept had the undersea silhouette with a type treatment that touched upon the religious thread of the story. I also wanted to include ornamental details like the twin sisters, the ship, and skull. But the editors ended up altering the name to just The Guns of Ivrea and my efforts at the title got cut.
I submitted 5 of the 60 or so sketches I came up with
Approved color sketch
Merman study
Studies from the story of ships, mermen, and cockatrices
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