Arkham Horror is a competitive card game series based on the stories of HP Lovecraft. 
Published by Fantasy Flight Games

Eye of Truth

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Ad Hoc


Existential Riddle

Harmony Restored

False Awakening

Reality Acid

Original brief for Reality Acid:

A close-up of a translucent green acidic ooze as it burns into a psychedelic eye representing reality itself.
Detail: The green substance is an acidic ichor that corrodes everything it touches. In the center of this ooze we see a psychedelic eye. Green ooze bleeds into the eye and is burning and dissolving the iris.

This piece represents acid which can eat at the very fabric of reality, so feel free to depict something surreal and abstract.

Miracle Wish

Evanescent Ascension

Winged One

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The Art of Arkham Horror
Featuring a selection of my illustrations


Original brief for Inevitable End:

A star goes dead and cold in the frigid expanse of space. The Outer God Silenus, embodied by a formless creature of gray smoke, swirls around the dead star.

Detail: Silenus is not an organic creature so much as it is a manifestation/representation of the universe’s demise. The grey smoke takes no solid shape, but stretches throughout space in all directions. Flecks of frost hang in the grey smoke. Throughout, we can just barely see other shapes—claws, a wing, a jawline, and many, many eyes.

Primordial Gateway

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Restless Journey

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Original brief for The Black Throne:

Inside an impossibly vast emptiness, surrounded by dancing stars and strange nebulae, we see the very heart of the universe, where Azathoth himself dwells sleeping. This location exists in a place outside of “angled space” (reality as we know it).

If we can see Azathoth, it is a colossal, wriggling mass of uncanny flesh, tendrils, and teeth, with one mouth large enough to devour planets whole. As this is a powerful ancient one, feel free to take an abstract or surreal interpretation of its form.

The Black Throne

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Captive Mind

Original brief for Ethereal Entity:

An astronomer observes the stars from a city rooftop in Providence, RI.
Detail: The astronomer is a white middle-aged woman wearing a fashionable winter coat. As she peers up at the starry sky, we can see gray smoke-like entities floating above her in the vague shape of a winged creatures.

Ethereal Entity

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Written in the Stars

Threads of Time

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