On the rare occasion that I take on creating a logo for a new company, my goal is for the image to be so powerful that it inspires  the entrepreneur to make the company live up to the life the logo presents before it ever reaches its greater audience.
Fearless Media Advertising, NYC
Based in New Zealand, Mexi Kai was born from a love of food. The kind of food that fuels the body and feeds the soul. The real good stuff.

Virtual Theater Project Production Company

A podcast about the mysteries from anywhere and everywhere - the unusual, the strange, the perplexing, and the down-right odd.

The Pen is a Mighty Sword playwright competition

Motion Picture Industry Lighting Services Company

Soundsmith Recording Studio

A podcast encompassing stories concerning just about anything and everything. There is information, theories, news, stories, conjecture, and ideas from history, geography, science, technology, language, medicine, archaeology, mystery stories, and hurmorous tales, etc. 

You know the twitch that happens as you’re falling asleep? That’s a myoclonic jerk. Scientists think the brain confuses the feeling of your muscles relaxing with the feeling of falling or dying and sends a startle impulse to your body to save it.

New England-based lawyer representing design firms, production companies, and artrepreneurs.  
The Virtual Theatre Project Playwrighiting Competition

Skilled arborists specializing in urban and suburban landscaping and tree care

Top Brass Distilleries, Bloody Martini 
Hellgate Ultimate League, Queens New York
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