Before the Diagnosis is a collection of stories about those we loved and lost to Alzheimer's and dementia. Honestly, each one is heartbreaking. But that's the gift Gincy Hines has given the world on behalf of her late husband Steve. To take these corrosive cognitive conditions and turn them into something beautiful; testaments to the human spirit.
When Gincy invited me to write about my dad I wasn't interested. It was too soon and too hard to put his life into a few pages. I'm glad she persisted. Her mission to raise awareness, console those in need, and donate proceeds to further research are truly admirable.

As my dad had welcomed patients to his door with a smile, devoted to curing their pains, now a version of him is here, greeting readers ready to heal.
If you or someone you know would appreciate gaining support through shared experience, you can order copies here.
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