The Witch of Torinia
Sequel to The Guns of Ivrea
Written by Clifford Beal
Published by Solaris Books
Lady Lucinda della Rovera, the renegade canoness of St Dionei, secret sorceress of the “old gods”, has cleverly split the One Faith into bitter factions and with the help of a pliant Duke of Torinia, launches a war to overthrow the king of Valdur and bring back the old ways...
It's funny how sometimes a clever solution to one problem creates a whole new challenge for the next problem...

For the sequel to The Guns of Ivrea, I knew The Witch of Torinia (2016) had to keep with the silhouetted composition. But the question was which themes and how to integrate them in a manner that felt aesthetically consistent?

I decided to combine the central witch, embodying the epic battles she would cause, framed by the lands she sought to control. Here's a collection of sketches from my process. I got my girlfriend at the time to model in dozens of menacing poses. Ultimately it turned out pretty well. I was particularly happy with the color palette and the detailed depth in the sprawling battle scene.

Cover sketches

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