Collected recent pieces from a range of personal interests.

Neon Fire Snake
Oil with digital color, 11x8.5"

Oil with digital color 16x13"

Janus Arcana
Oil & digital, 18x20"

Oil digitally enhanced, 18x14"

Fox Prince (study)
Oil with digital touch ups, 16x12"

Oil & digital, 13x11"

Natural Twenty
Oil, 16x10"

Lupus Armis
Oil & digital, 18x16"

Oil, 20x16"

Portal Hopper
Oil & digital, 19x13"

Cat of Luminosity
Oil digitally enhanced, 17x22"

The Last Sunset
Oil & digital, 11x15"

Indulge in the Season's Dark Delights // Halloween
Oil 18x19"

Cosmic Jester
Oil & digital, 17x16"

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