Recent pieces from a range of personal interests.

Beyond the Astral Rift
Oil & digital, 18x10"

Music and the Speed of Thought
Oil & digital 18x15"

March Hare
Oil, 17x15"

Oil with digital color 16x13"

Janus Arcana
Oil & digital, 18x20"

Neon Fire Snake
Oil with digital color, 11x8.5"

Inspired by the dormant force coiled at the base of the spine known as kundalini, this energy lies ready to awaken and release all of a person's power.

Oil digitally enhanced, 18x14"

Natural Twenty
Oil, 16x10"

Lupus Armis
Oil & digital, 18x16"

Oil, 20x16"

Portal Hopper
Oil & digital, 19x13"

Cat of Luminosity
Oil digitally enhanced, 17x22"

The Last Sunset
Oil & digital, 11x15"

Indulge in the Season's Dark Delights // Halloween
Oil 18x19"

Fox Prince (study)
Oil with digital touch ups, 16x12"

Oil & digital, 13x11"

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