Oil, 17.5x16"

The cute Boston Terrier comes from a long line of selective breeding that originated with the Gray Wolf. We make sure our dogs wear collars and that we don't go anywhere without our phones. We live in the modern world and enjoy the comforts and security of society, yet that doesn't mean we should completely abandon our vital, and dare I suggest wild and powerful, inner nature.
"We are animal in our blood and in our skin. We were not born for pavements and escalators but for thunder and mud. More. We are animal not only in body but in spirit. Our minds are the minds of wild animals. Artists, who remember their wildness better than most, are animal artists, lifting their heads to sniff a quick wild scent in the air, and they know it unmistakably, they know the tug of wildness to be followed through your life is buckled by that strange and absolute obedience. ('You must have chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star,' wrote Nietzsche.) Children know it as magic and timeless play. Shamans of all sorts and inveterate misbehavers know it; those who cannot trammel themselves into a sensible job and life in the suburbs know it."
An excerpt from Wild, by Jay Griffiths
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