Set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future where monolithic megacorps own and control the vast majority of human interests, Android:Netrunner is a globally popular competitive card game. Below are a selection of the 100+ cards I've illustrated over the years. See full collection here.
Published by Fantasy Flight Games
Art Direction by Zoé Robinson, Andy Christensen, Taylor Ingvarsson, Melissa Shelter, & Crystal Chang.
Selected prints available. Playmats available here.
Wall of Static




Bad Times


Improved Tracers
Here's a sampling of the briefs I receive, from which I begin sketching. Sometimes it's straightforward...

This Virus program seeds the Corporation’s Resource & Development data fort with latent memories for the hacker to draw on, making it easier to re-enter later. The program itself should be depicted as a receptacle that glows green and is shaped almost-like an upside down scooped out human brain with little brighter green lines of neural connections growing out of it like trees.

Three green orbs of energy float in the emptiness of cyberspace.

Sometimes it can take a while to figure out... 

Improved Tracers
This card upgrades all of your tracer I.C.E. (Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics) by making them harder to break. Previous cards in this cycle included some visual representing the improved I.C.E. (a great wall in Superior Cyberwalls; infinite Toriis for Encrypted Portals).

Black Orchestra
This program looks a little like snow or static on a television but predominately in shades of gray, black and purple, it is an abstract creation signifying self-sacrifice and secrecy.

And sometimes interesting visual solutions will prompt altering the card's direction....

Portcullis [became Minelayer]
A “portcullis” made of words bars our passage. Behind the “portcullis,” a shimmering pyramid is rapidly assembled, the bricks flying out of nothingness into position. 
The words comprising the portcullis are all words or phrases for “Stop!” in various languages

One of many Portcullis sketches

After reviewing a bunch of my sketches, the art director opted to have me remove the words and focus more on the creature beyond the barrier. 
The final artwork, which became Minelayer
Hunting Grounds
Sketches for Hunting Grounds, primarily compositional
Curtain Wall
Gutenberg (cropped on card)
High-Stakes Job
Lotus Field
Gordian Blade
Mumbad Virtual Tour

Zed 2.0

Forked, part of Utensil series
Utensil series
Eater, part of the Utensil series




Spot the Prey


Green Level Clearance

MegaCorp in The Worlds of Android  book

I dropped in on the game to see it in action and meet the players. You can read more about that fun experience on Reddit.

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