As an artist I'm driven to explore the nature of reality and our existence. For those who share this interest in learning beyond the familiar framework, I've compiled a selection of resources that provide remarkable insights. Going further is a choice aptly depicted as taking the Red Pill. I maintain a rigorous process of scrutiny that requires evidence, repetition, and corroboration. Topics include new paradigms in health, consciousness, animal communication, non-human intelligences, and secret space programs. There is much more to life than we've been led to understand.​​​​​​

Meditation: article
Earthing: video & book
Plant Medicine: book
Physics of Crystals: video
Spiritual Language of the Body: book
Physics of Water: videovideo

Reincarnation w/ Jim Tucker : book & video
Physics of Consciousness w/ Dan Winter : video
Past Lives w/ Brian L. Weiss: book
Past Lives w/ Dolores Cannon : book & video
Past Lives w/ Alba Weinman : video
Past Lives w/ Sarah Breskman Cosme: book
Navigating Reality w/ Fifty8: videos

Remote Viewing
David Morehouse: book
Ingo Swann: videobook
John Vivanco: video & book
Courtney Brown: book & website

Animal Communication
Penelope Smith : video & book
Jacquelin Smith : book
Susie Shiner : video
Peter Tompkins (Plants): book & video

Patterson Gimlin Film: video
Astonishing Legends: podcast
Sasquatch Chronicles : podcast
Kewuanee Lapseritis: book & video

UFOs, ETs, & Human History
Filmmaker James Fox: film
Professor of Psychiatry John Mack: book
Colonel Philip J Corso: book
Journalist Leslie Kean: book
Jacques Valée & Paola Harris: book
Archeologist & Contactee Elena Danaan: book & video
Former Preacher Paul Wallis: book & video

Secret Space Program
Canadian Minister of Defense: video
Ex Soldier Jeremy Rice: video
Ex Soldiers Johan Fritz & Jodi Reynosa: video
Author Len Kasten: book & book
Ex Soldier Tony Rodrigues: video & book
Remote Viewing Rodrigues: video

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