Despite the game’s global popularity, Fantasy Flight Games was forced to shutter Netrunner due to licensing in 2018. Recently a group of dedicated players decided to carry the torch and create new cards for the community. I’m thrilled with the initiative taken by the team at Null Signal Games.

With a sweeping kick embodied in the form of a zebra, this hacker program is inspired by the ritual combat of engolo from Southwestern Africa.
Based on the mighty and mystical Inuit deity of polar bears and great hunters.
Here's a few Nanuq sketches
Reaper Function
Depicts a devastating ambush attack from a shadowy figure wielding a scythe in cyberspace.
Here's a few Reaper Function sketches
Fists raised in solidarity smashing through corporations. Loosely based on a Ukrainian rhyming song, hence the blue and yellow palette.
The concept depicts a runner using gathered intel to loop through cyberspace like a thread and navigate past ICE (Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics).
Ubiquitous Vig
The concept presents disembodied hands of the elite: corpocrats, mobsters, and private subsidiaries all greedily swiping their cut from a trove of profits.
The Twinning
"It's been really fun listening to Netrunner players talk about the Twinning. Even if they are doing relatively dry card analysis, they can't help but stop and comment on how stunning this art is."
-Sanjay K. Twitter@cowbirdsinlove
This was one of the most challenging cards I've ever worked on. There have been images that have been more time consuming to pull off visually, but the brief for this piece came in two pages, rather than the standard 2-4 sentences. The writer's intentions was to present a character, a gender-fluid environmental activist with cybernetic enhancements named Esa who lives in Siberia and spends xir time battling corporate exploitation. "Twinning" is a term used to describe growth patterns in crystals that result when different types of crystals pair together symmetrically. The twinning represents the ethical and spiritual drive of Esa to unite the workers of the megacorporations doing the harm, as well as being a game mechanic that allows players to link this and another card together. Phew. The end result may look obvious, but it took some problem solving. The writer expressed his surprise that I pulled it off and was thrilled with the result. I love when I can make that happen 😅❤️✨

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